STOP, GO, AND TELL is a personal safety program developed by Bethesda, Inc., for kindergarten up to sixth grade students. STOP, GO, AND TELL presentations were designed by therapists to equip children with the vocabulary, permission, and courage to speak up about abuse. The presentation is a fun, age appropriate way to teach children about personal space boundary rules and what to do if someone tries to break those rules.



– Their bodies are their own

– Private parts are covered by a bathing suit, and just like we do things to keep other body parts safe, we should know how to keep private parts safe too 

– The five personal space boundary rules: 

Say “NO” if someone tries to touch your private parts 

Say “NO” if someone tries to look at your private parts 

Say “NO” if someone tries to show you their private parts 

Say “NO” to touching someone else’s private parts 

Say “NO” to looking at pictures of private parts on TV, movies, magazines, cell phones, or computers 

– To identify the safe adults in their lives who they can go to if someone tries to break a personal space boundary rule 

– When someone tries to break a personal space boundary rule, they should STOP, GO to a safe adult and TELL them what happened 

– They can decide who comes in and out of their personal space 

– It is never the child’s fault if someone breaks a personal space boundary rule


Find more information on the Stop, Go, Tell website


The Stop, Go, and Tell presentation is provided by our partners at Bethesda, Inc.


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